Unmatched Porsche Excellence

Four different Porsche Kellymoss cars lined up against a backdrop of green trees.
All services, executed to perfection

Get the Same Service the Professional Get

Everything your car needs, but at a level that it really wants. Our history is Porsche; our passion is Porsche.

We execute all of our work, from the most mundane to the craziest rebuilds, to a degree of care and quality that some would say is maniacal. Without a doubt, this comes from our racing pedigree. That attention to detail is available to every Kellymoss client.

We combine decades of experience and thousands of hours on the track to offer every customer extraordinary Porsche customizations.

Kellymoss Service: three cars are being fixed, some are full up, some have wheel replacements going on.

We Care for Cars Like We're Going to Race Them

That doesn't mean we think your car is necessarily going to ever see a race track.  But it does mean that we consider every turn of the wrench. Details matter in racing. As a matter of fact, it's a matter of life and death. We care for the details.  Before that, we work with our clients to deeply understand their needs and we present all possible options.

A man in the process of troubleshooting a car.
A close-up of the engine under the hood of the Porsche.
engine rebuilds

We are Six Cylinder Gurus with a Penchant for Power & Reliability

No engine is more evocative than the air-cooled flat six. That's the power-unit at the heart of every noteworthy 911. Our experience in building powerful and reliable flat sixes that are perfectly matched to the right transmission is renowned the world over.

No CUSTOMIZATION too big or too small

Everything from Interiors to Transmission Rebuilds

Clients come to us for paint protection, custom graphics and custom interiors. Others want to go to a trusted source for a big job like rebuilding their transmission. We're not the cheapest, but we are the best. Our work speaks for itself, and that's what keeps our clients coming back.

A photo of the front seat in a Porsche car: laptop and steering wheel.
Fabrication and Metalwork

Our fabrication shop has kick-started hundreds of successful restorations. Always sympathetic to history, our fabricators focus on preserving as much original metal as possible. But, believe it or not, we also do basic "collision" body work too. When we do it, you know it's going to be done right. We've been here before.

Blue Porsche car at the exit of the garage.
Porsche Customization.
Rest Easy. You're in the Right Place.

Contact us and we'll discuss your vision, needs, budget and timeline to determine what level of customization is right for you and your Porsche. From there, we'll work with you to schedule your visit and arrange for your vehicle to come to our Project shop. Once you car is here, it doesn't leave our secure premises (unless we discuss it with you first) and it will sit comfortably next to millions of dollars of really cool Porsches while awaiting its own reimagined future.

Trust Your Car to the Experts

At Kellymoss, we deliver unmatched service excellence for your prized car. Experience the highest standard of automotive care, tailored to your specific needs.

A red car in the parking lot among other Porsches.