Meet the Kellymoss family

Our team

Headshot of Andy Kilcoyne smiling
Andy Kilcoyne
CEO & co-owner
Headshot of Victoria Thomas smiling
victoria thomas
CFO & co-owner
Headshot of Jeff Stone smiling
jeff stone
Headshot of Patrick Mickelson smiling
Louis Hardin
Street Shop Manager
Headshot of Jamison Blizard smiling
jamison blizard
Technical Director - Projects
Headshot of Ken Swan smiling
ken swan
Race Program Director
Headshot of Will Alexander smiling
Will alexander
Race Team Manager
Headshot of Brad DeVries
brad devries
Race Shop Manager
Headshot of Charissa Cobb smiling
charissa cobb
Logistics Manager (Race)
Headshot of Rock Beauchamp smiling
rock beauchamp
Logistics Coordinator (Race)
headshot of Jason Disch
Michael Medearis
Body Shop Lead
Headshot of Kirsten Stout smiling
kirsten stout
Director of Process Improvement
Headshot of Emily Gerrits smiling
Emily gerrits
Project & Systems Engineer
Headshot of Bryan Hamer smiling
Marsann McCants
Parts Manager
Headshot of Gage Thiessen smiling
gage thiessen
Transportation Manager
Headshot of Jason Walters
jason walters
Headshot of Erica Koconis
Erica koconis
Senior Accounting
Headshot of Laura Kreiser smiling
laura kreiser
Director of Employee Experience
Headshot of Laura Kreiser smiling
Elina Cilliers
Planning & Production Director
Headshot of Laura Kreiser smiling
Liz Hanson
VP, Marketing, Strategy & Business Development
Kellymoss owner, Victoria Thomas, sitting in her black Porsche, smiling

Emboldening women in the Porsche community.

We are proud that our CEO, Victoria, is a trailblazer when it comes to women in motorsports. Kellymoss has led the charge with the largest initiative for women in motorsports in North America, campaigning a female driver, Sabre Cook, in the 2023 Porsche Carrera Cup race season. Victoria is also co-founder of Screen to Speed, a televised show that reaches deep into the esports community to energize and educate girls about the world of motorsports by a reality show talent search with prizes for participants and viewers. “Our mission is to bring more women, and diversity as a whole, into motorsports: drivers, technicians, engineers, truckers and especially fans. Focus on the missing half of the population is a win for everyone: teams, drivers, vendors and the series.“

Want to work at Kellymoss?

Do you have what it takes to join one of the most renowned automotive powerhouses in the industry? We offer a great culture, lifestyle and benefits. Oh, and you get to be around cool cars too.