Varvara - 1990 964 C2

In the heart of Idaho, where the mountains meet technology and passion, Kelly and Daria Smith embarked on a journey that would merge their love for classic cars with their family life and professional expertise. Kelly, with a quarter-century of experience in technology and digital innovation, and Daria, a product leader and entrepreneur, have not only made significant strides in their careers but also share a unique hobby that brings them closer together.

The story of their 1990 964 C2 is as much about the restoration of a classic car as it is about the personal journey of Kelly and Daria. This particular car, a rare Japanese Delivery Market vehicle, found its way to the U.S. and eventually into the hands of the Smiths. Despite the messy transition following the previous owner's passing, Kelly and Daria saw potential in the car and embarked on a mission to bring it back to its former glory.

The car was originally and has again been restored to Viola Blue, a very rare color that was not available on US delivery 964's of that era. In an ironic twist, only two 964's were imported into the U.S. in this shade, and BOTH ended up in our Kellymoss Project Shop at the same time (see Braun Safari Build).

This car was chosen to pay homage to the RS America. However, the Smiths' desire to include their daughter in their automotive adventures led to a slight deviation from a true RS America tribute by retaining the rear seats. This decision highlights the family-oriented nature of their project, blending their passion for classic cars with the joy of family drives.

Kelly and Daria's approach to the restoration focused on period correctness, including the addition of Gold BBS Wheels and an RS America engine lid, while ensuring the car retained its unique JDM features like cockpit adjustable lights. The interior, with its luxury purple plush carpet and tastefully perforated "snake bite" leather, complements the Viola Blue exterior perfectly, creating a striking and luxurious feel.

The Smiths' 1990 3.8 liter 964 C2 has a valve-tronic exhaust which brings the right amount of loud to the full purple-on-purple interior and exterior of this RAD 90's tribute car.  This is not just a restored classic car; it's a symbol of their shared passions, a testament to their dedication to craftsmanship, and a means to create lasting family memories.

Through their story, Kelly and Daria demonstrate how technology, entrepreneurship, and a love for the automotive community can come together in the most beautiful of ways, creating a legacy that goes beyond their professional achievements. As they look forward to many more adventures in their meticulously restored vehicle, the Smiths continue to inspire others in the automotive community and beyond. Their story is a reminder of the power of passion, the importance of family, and the enduring allure of classic cars.

Even the name the Smith's chose for car evokes this commitment - Varvara - after their daughter.

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