Porsche 911 Safari RS

Here we have an interesting build, the first Safari Style 911 built by Kelly-Moss almost a decade ago. This project started as a “Rat Rod” off road car and slowly snowballed into one of the most unique KMR builds that paved the way into future Safari 911 growth.

This car started as an old, beat up raced and used 911 that needed everything except a chassis. When first placed in front of the body shop crew, we knew exactly what it needed: fixtures. Celette Factory Porsche Fixtures, that is. The car was very used and needed a full body alignment before we could even start to modify anything. We cut out the “stock car”-style door bars from the roll cage, put it on the frame bench, and started pulling and hammering.

Once the body was back into spec, the KMR staff started patching the years of holes drilled and cut into various parts of the chassis and firewalls. In the beginning everything was minimal, keep the repairs simple and only as needed.  As the project progressed, it became evident that this was going to have to be the best it could be, based on the type of attention the car was already getting just being in pieces at the shop.

The interior that was prepped for rugged use with a texture and semigloss black got an RS style carpet kit. The Beard seats and custom carbon dash accent the upper switch panel and aluminum toe/floor boards. Once it came to the body exterior, the only two composite panels used are the engine lid/duck tail and the hood. The doors, bumpers, fenders are all metal.

After all the fitting to have great gaps and lines, the expert staff started fabricating the roof rack and front push bumper. Tying both the roof rack and front push bumper into the roll cage, we created an almost tube frame effect to the entire car making it extremely ridged. We finished the exterior off with a custom Sikkens LV650 topcoat and all of the trim/bumpers with LV650 Semi-Gloss Black. We then added the amenities, big lights, off road winch, spare tire mount, and removable bike rack mounts. This build was being planned out every step of the way to not only look the part, but to be an effective off road vehicle. After all, that’s what the client wanted.

At the end of the build, the Safari RS was born. Since its debut, the car has been featured in S3 Magazine as well as many online articles. A project like this seems to never be finished with upgrades being implemented as issues arise and new ideas are born during its aggressive summer and winter use; that’s right, winter use. We have revisited the ride height by adding lift, bigger tires, custom KMR control arms, and custom KMR inner tie rods to match.  KMR has modified the steel front fenders to accommodate the bigger tires through their entire range of motion on the newly modified suspension. This car is built to perform and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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