Here we have a car that truly is a labor of love, love for the car (on part of the car’s owner) and love for the skilled trade (on part of the technicians building the car). To start with a car that is already a custom hand built work of art was a real treat. Carbon fiber roof, quarter panels, rocker panels, doors fenders, hood, engine lid, front & rear bumpers, mirrors, splitter, wing, rear firewalls and much many more prototyped hand built (in house) parts hang on this truly carbon bodied masterpiece. We built/restored this car in stages. With the first being just a clean up and maintenance for a shakedown, test drive. In this stage of the build we gave the car a massive detail after being in operational and in storage for many years.

First step was to do all the needed maintenance and get the engine to once again breathe fire. Once our incredible race techs accomplished this we set to detailing the car and getting it out to the track. Once the new owner got to put in a little bit of seat time he presented the shop with a healthy list of things he would like changed, upgraded, repaired etc. On the top of this list was a new rear wing/spoiler to do away with the old school banana wing in favor of a much larger straight modern wing. The next task was getting more air into the engine compartment, for this we grafted a 997 style air scoop into the 993 engine lid. We also stripped out the entire interior cabin and repainted the very weathered interior a bright white to renew the cockpit. While in the interior we rewired, replaced repaired many things that had been neglected over the years. The last task we faced on the exterior of the car was to add a few dive planes/canards to the front bumper. After these upgrades were complete it was back to the track for more testing and some actual racing. The new owner loved the upgrades but wanted more out of the car and knew it was capable of being more. after a few tests and a lot of thought (from everyone) the car was back at the shop for a major undertaking.

The kind of undertaking that challenged many of the tech in the shop and many of significant others at home as we spent quite a few late nights burning the midnight oil to make this dream a reality. This time around the car was to be completely stripped to nothing but a shell. Multiple chassis reinforcements had to be added to the existing body and many repairs due to years of harmonics and twisting on the track. Once we had a solid chassis to work with again we added a custom drivers floor, moved the tunnel towards the right side all to accommodate a modern Porsche 991 Cup seat. While doing this we also added the adjustable pedal deck and adjustable steering column. Relocating the shifter to the top of the tunnel while adding a “blipper” system to the throttle was another key component to the function of the cockpit. A custom carbon fiber dash was installed with features to control everything electronic in the car. On the exterior the most noticeable upgrade is the color change from a crisp bright Porsche White to the more subtle Soft Grey also a Porsche color but only offered on the 997 in Europe. The new color coupled with the minimal graphics makes for a very sinister look on this car. The exterior also has many upgrades from the original build in the ways of new hand built bumpers front & rear carbon louvers in the front fenders, carbon air ducting from the front bumper out through the hood for the front mount oil cooler. The huge (but within class rules) carbon fiber front splitter and custom carbon fiber dive planes/canards on each side of the carbon fiber grill.

Many upgraded parts/pieces sprinkled around this exterior that almost go unnoticed in comparison to the major eye catching focus points. Any one person including the entire staff at KMR can spend hours with this car looking it over and rediscovering all or their own and everyone else’s hard work on every square inch of this beauty. The power plant of the KMR-RSR 001 is no slouch either, it to had to be brought up to the newly set standards. An air cooled flat-6 4.0L sets the tone in this engine compartment. With what else but a hand built carbon intake plenum providing the air in which exits through a set of custom built center exit headers that look perfect coupled with the in house prototyped 997 style rear bumper. Every detail of this build was thought through to the end result before being implemented into the build. Every part works with its counterpart and every panel marries up perfectly to its neighbor, not a single avenue left untraveled while putting this one together and it shows every time the car hits the track, owning multiple class records at various tracks around the US while being featured in the prestigious Panorama (Porsche Owners of America) Magazine. To say this is a once in a lifetime build for most would be an understatement, some will go on to build similar and for some this will be the pinnacle of their careers but one thing remains the same for all involved we love this car inside and out.

Electronic updates include Motec M800 ECU, Teves adjustable ABS, Traction Control, Wireless steering wheel, Motec PDM, Brushless fan brake, driver, and transmission cooling, Motec custom wiring harness.

This car was built to, and has broken every track record, at every track it has competed at.

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