Bernice - The Pike's Peak 997 Monster

Built for the Fastest Pastor Don Wickstrum and originally intended for the 2019 Time Attack class at Pike’s Peak. This fire-breathing, methanol-burning 997 was moved to the Open class in 2020.  

Originating as a 2013 spec 997 Cup car, the car was converted to “R” spec.  The car was powered by a 4.0L twin turbo engine.  Full custom chassis and engine wiring harnesses controlled by MoTeC ECU’s and PDM’s.  Custom aerodynamic components designed and wind tunnel tested.  

Thanks to our partners and team on this build: CSF Radiators, Braid Wheels, Yokohama Tire, Performance Friction Brakes, KSV Looms, ST Consulting, Verus Engineering and all of the dedicated Kellymoss staff and their families.

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