1975 Porsche Carrera

This Carrera came to Kelly-Moss as an old race car with a request to turn it back into a street car with enough fun upgrades to make it an exciting track day car. We quickly got to work on the disassembly knowing that this was a very well preserved body/chassis and we wouldn’t run into the usual rusted/rotted out areas typical of vintage 911’s.

This car would not require a rotisserie restoration. We took the body down to bare steel, found and repaired all of the previous “track” damage as well as repairing the everyday dings and dents that a car of this age has collected along the way. The KMR staff then rebuilt the existing front spoiler/bumper and finished it off with a custom stainless steel grille and a carbon/kevlar rub strip underneath, finished off by the exterior trim with semi-gloss black. For the rear of the car we added a classic “duck tail” engine lid and a custom rear bumper to accept our KMR signature center cup car exhaust upgrade.

While KMR was deep into the exterior restoration, the entire interior got a revamp with new RS Style door panels and carpet w/rear seat delete and brand new stock style front seats, upgraded shifter, new headliner, and a new dash finish off the interior. The exterior was finished off with Sikkens LV650 Cockney Brown – the original factory stock color. The vehicle also has many hidden upgrades including Carbon Fiber Brake Cooling Ducts, Adjustable shocks with upgraded suspension components.  This car really turned out incredible and performs on the track just as great as it looks!  

On its maiden voyage, it was put back on the race track, where it was seen pounding the pavement at COTA, in Austin, Texas.  Piloted by multi time national championship KMR, driver Colin Thompson, Colin’s words were, “This car is a rocket!”

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