1973 RSR Tribute – Barney

This project started life over 20 years ago as a father and son project for KMR owner Jeff Stone Sr. and his son Jeffrey.

The goal was simple – no excuses, no short cuts, no time line, just make the very best 73 RSR tribute ever seen.

Jeff spent 2 decades searching for all the bits needed to make this car true to the original 73 RSR, but perform to a greater level and oh yeah, for the street…

The donor car began as a one-owner 1969 911E that was in exceptional condition to begin with.

The build highlights include real 73 RSR body panels, not turbo, RSR high butterfly individual throttle bodies, RSR twin plug ignition, RSR pistons and cylinders, RSR heads, etc. Special crankshaft, Carrillo connecting rods, GT3 RSR oil pump, six into one stainless exhaust with a tuned expansion chamber, custom ground camshafts, specially tuned MFI pump all yielding 326 HP and revving to 9,000 RPM from 3.0 liter displacement on 93 octane pump gas.

The fuel system consists of an original 110 liter plastic factory RSR fuel tank, dual RSR fuel pumps and original MFI system.

The transmission is original RSR with built in oil pump for cooling, RSR 7:31 ring and pinion, chromoly limited slip differential, WEVO internal shift gate system, WEVO shifter and all internal parts have been REM polished for the best shifting 915 gearbox possible.

The interior features hand laid fiberglass 911 ST seats left in a natural clear / amber fiberglass finish like original prototype seats, finished in a mix of German smooth and perforated leather with ventilation grommets in bottoms and back, leather RSR door panels, new old stock factory dash instead of the carpeted RSR style dash since the car is being built with a focus on street use, lightweight carpet set, rear seat delete and an original RSR roll bar.

All gauges have been restored and matched to RSR specification.

All bright work was restored to new show quality condition and everything was installed with new seals and rubbers.

The suspension pick up points have been relocated front and rear for optimum performance.

The rear suspension features 935 adjustable spring plates, Carrera aluminum trailing arms, spherical bearings, one of a kind KMR / Moton 3 way adjustable dampers inverted with stacked dual rate coil springs and spherical bearings at both ends.

The front suspension is made up of 935 front suspension and special one of a kind KMR Moton 3 way adjustable front struts with an extra 1 degree of camber built into the spindle during manufacturing, billet top mounts with spherical bearings and a factory RSR strut tower brace. The wheels are equally rare original factory date coded 9″ and 11″ RSR variety restored by Harvey Weidman wearing Michelin TB15 tarmac rally tires sourced from Michelin in the UK. Braking is handled by 930 turbo calipers with special brake discs and hats from Charlie Brakes and a dual master cylinder pedal set with bias adjuster built by Stone to fit in the stock location.

This project has taken many turns over the years with the original intent to just be a freshened up 69 911, then RS tribute and finally the RSR monster it has become.

The result after all these years and thousands of man hours is truly one of the most perfect 911s every created with no detail overlooked and a driving experience second to none – weighing in at 2,120 pounds ready to drive with fuel and producing 326 horsepower – it is simply Porsche perfection.

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