Essential Upgrades for Porsche

5 Most Common Air-Cooled Porsche Upgrades

The Porsche air-cooled era ended in 1998 with the launch of the 996 series, but for many Porsche

enthusiasts, the air-cooled models will always be the quintessential Porsche. Over the years, owners

have been upgrading these classic cars with a variety of modifications to improve their performance and handling. Here are some of the most common upgrades that you may consider for your air-cooled Porsche.

1. Engine Upgrades - One of the most popular upgrades for the air-cooled Porsche is engine modifications. The air-cooled engine is a simple design, making it easy to increase horsepower

by adding performance parts such as bigger carburetors, fuel injection upgrades, higher

compression, hotter camshafts, or upgrading to a larger displacement engine.

2. Suspension Upgrades - Upgrading the suspension of your air-cooled Porsche will improve

handling, making it more responsive and fun to drive. This can be done by installing aftermarket

sway bars, upgraded bushings and mounts, shocks, and spring kits, or upgrading to a coilover

suspension system.

3. Brake Upgrades - The Porsche air-cooled cars were designed in an era when braking technology

was not as advanced as it is today. Upgrading the brakes to more modern components, such as

cross-drilled or slotted rotors, or larger brake calipers will significantly improve stopping power.

4. Exhaust Upgrades - Installing a performance exhaust system can give your air-cooled Porsche a

more aggressive sound, as well as improving horsepower and torque. This is a great area to not

only improve the power output, but an area to save weight over the stock exhaust system.

5. Wheel and Tire Upgrades - Upgrading the wheels and tires on your Porsche can significantly

improve the look of the car and enhance handling and increase the stopping power. Wide body

kits, fender flares, and custom wheels can give your Porsche a distinctive appearance.

In conclusion, upgrading your air-cooled Porsche is a great way to personalize your car and improve its performance. Whether you choose to focus on engine modifications, suspension upgrades, or cosmeticchanges, there are countless options available to enhance your Porsche. However, it's important to remember that while upgrades can add value and make your Porsche faster, they can also significantly increase the cost of ownership. Before making any modifications, it's important to consider the cost, reliability, and impact on the car's value. We are always available to offer advice and recommendations about your Porsche.

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