VICCI Safari 4 – Porsche 964 Rally Car

VICCI Safari Porsche 964

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The concept for this build was to create the most extreme Rally car Kelly-Moss had ever conceived and the public ever witnessed – our focus was performance first and show quality second. The donor car started life as a very ordinary 1991 Porsche 911 (964) C4. A rust free, low mileage west coast car, came with a very acid rain washed out paint job and a very “90’s” blue interior.
The following is a cliff notes version of the efforts put forth to create the VICCI Safari car – Enjoy.


The exterior of the car has been fitted with 9” front and 11” rear wheel flares permanently bonded to the car. The chassis received a complete show car quality refinishing in its original Grand Prix White. The one of a kind custom bumpers feature a tubular steel and composite construction housing enough LED lighting to illuminate a small village.


The KMR custom carbon fiber hood mounted light pod is home to Hella spot and fog lamps. HID headlamps are retained by KMR custom carbon headlight rings.
The trunk (front area of the car) had 14” removed to give additional ground clearance preventing ground strikes as the suspension compresses over obstacles.
The power is supplied by a rebuilt Porsche engine focused on high performance and heat management. The upgraded fuel system benefits from an Eaton Supercharger.
Meanwhile, the Fabspeed headers and GT3 exhaust help the engine breathe as it produces 70% more horsepower than it did in its original configuration.
The front high mounted RSR inspired oil cooler keeps the engine running cool, while the air filter and ducting have been relocated into the cockpit of the car to ensure dust and mud free air is allowed to enter into the engine. The KMR custom engine cover ducts fresh air to the engine along with housing the water to air intercooler needed for the supercharger.
Power is put to the ground by the Porsche All-wheel drive system and 5-speed manual transmission. The Braid Rally wheels use BF Goodrich All Terrain tires working well in any on-road or off-road environment. Brembo brakes are utilized all-around with the rear brakes featuring a hydraulic turning brake or “drift stick”

The suspension features triple adjustable long travel Reiger dampers. A KMR engineered lower roll-center in the front of the car helps the suspension geometry accommodate the higher than normal ride height for extra ground clearance, and to make room for the oversize wheels and tires. The rear suspension features fully adjustable spring plates and adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars allow fine tuning on any terrain.

The interior features fresh carpet with a rear seat delete. The roll hoop sits clear of the dual batteries mounted on the inside of the cockpit. An Extreme Outback supplied Intelligent Battery System has been integrated into the electronics isolating the cars starting battery to ensure the accessories and lights do not drain the main starting battery. To lighten the load a bit the radio has been deleted in favor of a switch panel for the cars accessories. The RS inspired door panels feature a tasteful Tartan pattern, power window switches and leather door pulls. The Momo racing steering wheel completes the look and feel of a performance automobile. New body seals help with noise and dirt suppression inside the cockpit while new window glass gives the driver the best opportunity to navigate obstructions in his path.
Safety features added include a roll hoop that boasts Schroth racing driver and passenger restraint harnesses. Leather Recaro racing seats feature the same Tartan themed upholstery as used on the custom door panels. Completing the safety upgrades is an electronic on-board fire system in case of any unforeseen mishaps. An under hood and wheel well lighting component was added for ease of maintenance and repairs. The remainder of the exterior lighting has been upgraded to high intensity LED’s,

Additional added features for successful navigation of most terrain includes an Extreme Outback Custom Extreme Aire 12-volt high volume air compressor and air tank, permanently affixed into the trunk area of the car. Extreme Outback’s Snatch straps, shackles and a composite collapsible shovel allow you the opportunity to dig and pull yourself out of most difficult situations. Tire repair and a basic tool kit afford you the opportunity to be largely independent and self-sufficient in the middle of nowhere.
The latest Kelly-Moss creation is a collaboration of 30+ years of championship road racing and off-road racing, infused with decades of custom car building.
We pay tribute to one of the most storied marques in all Motorsports and luxury performance cars. Porsche Rally cars are not a new concept, but the VICCI Safari car blazes a new path for others to follow.

I’d like to offer a very special thanks to the many participants involved in this build.
George Carousos from Extreme Outback Products, for providing some very cool Rally accessories and giving us the opportunity to showcase our creation at SEMA 2017.
Jeff Stone, President of Kelly-Moss Road and Race, for being a great employer, empowering me and giving me the opportunity to work with some of the most talented people in the business. A brilliant designer and sounding board as there is very little that he hasn’t seen or done if it has wheels and an engine.
Jim Hagan from Sign Edge for being patient with my countless text messages and emails. His designs are first class and I couldn’t be happier with the design gracing the exterior of this car.
Nick “Bear” Skrade from Kelly-Moss, who worked nearly around the clock seven days a week for months as the deadline for completion grew closer. His vision, fabrication and composite skills touched this car from the beginning to the end.
Jamison Blizard from Kelly-Moss, who like Nick, worked countless hours days and night on this project. A two-decade co-worker and friend, did the majority of the mechanical work and assembly on the project, including all of the electrical system upgrades and custom harnesses.
Tim “Dog” Homburg from Kelly-Moss, the best damn fabricator and welder I’ve ever met. A guy that doesn’t have “good enough” in his vocabulary.
Michael Medearis from Kelly-Moss, for doing the show quality paint job, doing the custom carpet install and custom inner fender liners while helping me shape the vision and timeline.
Derek Schroeder from Kelly-Moss, for aiding in the mechanical assembly and tuning of this animal.
Brandon Hurda, Jason Disch, Jeff Ferguson, David Janquart, Steve and Ken for putting significant time and effort (days, nights and weekends) into building, shaping, locating and creating significant aspects of this build.
Last and certainly not the least, Victoria Thomas from Kelly-Moss, the glue that holds us all together. The very reason that I’m employed at Kelly-Moss. A brilliant minded co-worker, friend and boss. Instrumental in the design and support of me and this project. My partner in life and my partner in VICCI.
Andy Kilcoyne
Kelly-Moss Road and Race – General Manager
VICCI Online Car Auctions – President


Build Highlights:

Braid Rally wheels
B.F. Goodrich All Terrain ko tires
Freshly painted in Sikkens 908 Alpine White
Sign Edge designed “urban camo” graphics
Front fenders flared 9”
Rear fenders flared 11”
Custom KMR 1-piece rocker panels
Custom KMR front and rear bumper pads
Custom KMR tubular/carbon composite front and rear bumpers
Custom KMR engine cover, Rally inspired in shape and function
Custom KMR carbon fiber hood mounted light pod (available for sale with our without lights)
Hood pod features Hella 4000 series compact LED lamps
HID headlamp conversion
Custom KMR headlamp retaining rings
Front and rear bumper mounted LED driving lights
New window glass
New body seals for noise, dust and moisture control
Custom KMR inner fender liners
Rally Armour Mud flaps

Brembo Brake calipers
Stainless steel braided brake lines
Stoptech Brake pads
Stoptech Brack rotors
DAS Sport Roll cage
Scroth Safety harnesses
Firesafe electronic onboard fire system
Hella Rally horns
Wheel well mounted LED work lights
Modified front trunk for use with high mount RSR oil cooler and increased ground clearance

Eaton Supercharger
Fabspeed exhaust headers
Custom KMR GT3 Muffler with RS exhaust tips
Jet hot coated exhaust
Custom KMR engine lid mouted water to air intercooler
Lightweight Patrick Motorsports single mass flywheel
Lightweight Patrick Motorsports Sport Clutch
Custom KMR cab mounted rally inspired air intake with AEM air filter
Hotwire Mass-Air Flow conversion
993 Turbo injector conversion with piggyback injector setup
Freshened engine with custom cylinder head work performed
Front mounted RSR oil cooler for increased cooling
Dual battery system controlled by an IBS management system
Turning brake (also known as a drift stick)

Triple adjustable long travel, coilover, Reiger shocks
Front Roll center Modification for use with raised ride height for off-road use
KMR custom adjustable front and rear upper shock mounts
Elephant bump steer correction tie rods
ERP-935 rear spring plates
Front and rear solid suspension bushings
Front and rear adjustable anti-roll bar links
Front strut tower brace
Custom KMR wheel spacers

Custom Recaro SPG leather seats with RS inspired Tartan upholstery
Custom RS style Tartan door panels with leather pulls.
New carpet with rear seat delete
Radio delete for weight savings
Driver and passenger air bag delete for weight savings and safety
Momo racing steering wheel
Rennline (aluminum)throttle, brake and clutch pedals with dead pedal
Rennline (aluminum)driver and passenger floor boards
Dyna-mat (insulation) lined interior for noise suppression

Provided by our partners at Extreme Outback Products:
12volt high output air compressor (used for blowing up tires, and any other air related use. High volume, high pressure)
Compact compressor air tank (storage tank for any air related use)
Dual battery management system by IBS (electronic control box that will not allow accessories to drain down your battery and prevent your vehicle from starting)
Tire repair kit (used for repairing punctured tires)
Rally recovery shovel (high quality collapsible shovel for digging yourself out when stuck)
Shackles (used for securing straps to the vehicle and/or other vehicles)
Snatch straps (nylon straps mounted on the interior of the car for use when the vehicle is stuck)
No loss valve stem caps (caps for use with the Braid wheels)



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