2005 Porsche 997 911 Carrera – Trash to Flash

Not every build involves a six-figure budget.

This 2005 911 Carrera was purchased with a catastrophic engine issue, a few dents and dings, plus a hole in the front bumper that needed repair. The interior, which shown ok compared to the rest of the car, also needed a refresh after nearly 13 years on the road.  Which was originally going to be a quick flip, one small budget and a few build ideas later, turned into the owner thinking it would be a great daily driver for his wife.

The team at Kelly-Moss began by sourcing a low-milage replacement engine and going over all touch points while the motor was out. For some extra pep and a little grunt, an exhaust plus K&N filter were added to get the Carrera breathing a bit better. For the corners, lowering springs were added to not only give the car a more aggressive look, but also increase road feel in turns while increasing ride comfort at the same time. 911 Turbo wheels with new rubber were added all around and to complete the look, a custom satin Wine Red wrap was installed in-house.

The turnaround on a refresh build like this is very quick and is an ultra-affordable solution for adding new life into your ride. While we know most cars won’t need a full motor replacement, suspension, wheels, tires, and / or a wrap can make your car feel and look like new again!

If you’re interested in seeing what we can do to add new life to your car, send us a note: info@kellymoss.com

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