1970 Ferrari Dino 246GT

Exterior Restoration: 1970 Ferrari Dino 246GT L-Series

This 246GT Dino has covered just over 21,000 miles and is 1 of 357 L-Series Dino GTs. The L-Series served as the direct successor to the 206 GT and was built from March of 1969 until October of 1970, considered by connoisseurs as the ‘bridge’ between the 206 and the 246 GTs. The Dino did was used sparingly, but did show wear and light rust when the owner decided it was time for a restore. 

Kelly-Moss did the full exterior restoration on this 246GT by stripping the entire body down to bare metal. The Dino arrived Red, but the original color was Blue Sera which is the finished color. Panels were created or patched where needed and the body work was perfected with the finish product looking like a piece of art. This was one of the most extensive restoration projects completed by Kelly-Moss and the customer was extremely pleased. The car has went on to win awards after the restoration making the Kelly-Moss staff who worked on the car extremely happy.