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Porsche is a
It's a statement about who you are and what you value in life. The Edge membership is a your way to experience the ultimate in Porsche passion and performance.

Interested in rubbing elbows with our elite, inspiring client base?

Think NFL football legends, pro race car drivers, industry influencers, and business moguls. Hearing their stories firsthand and learning about their car builds? We offer in person sessions with drivers, special guests, and VIP clients.  Ask your questions, sip some wine and hear the stories no one else has access to.

 a Porsche 964 under cover to hide the build reveal at a Kellymoss Porsche car club member exclusive event

Road America Race VIP event

Gain exclusive access to the team and drivers at this incredible event, getting up close and personal with the action and excitement of professional Porsche racing.

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An image of a porsche car club member on a scenic drive
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A porsche car club membership event with ayellow porsche staged in front of a graffiti wall

Destination drive: full-day drive + first-class meal 

This is a unique opportunity for members to experience the thrill of the open road in a Porsche, complete with a first-class meal experience along the way.

Porsche owner expert guided class events

Learn from the best with expert-guided classes held 4 times annually, covering everything from driving techniques to maintenance and repair.

Pro racing SIM pass: 1-hour session

For those who can't get enough of the Porsche racing experience, we offer a chance to feel the thrill of the track from the comfort of your own home with a 1-hour session in a pro racing SIM.

Trackside behind-the-scenes videos

Enjoy exclusive access to behind-the-scenes videos that take you into the heart of Porsche racing, featuring interviews with drivers, engineers, and more.

Kellymoss kids KLÜB event with Pinewood derby

Bring your kids to exclusive events like the Kellymoss Kids KLÜB, featuring fun activities like Pinewood Derby racing, SIM racing, and more.

And we have more: access to exclusive race viewing events

Experience the excitement of Porsche racing like never before with exclusive access to live race viewing events, including a live stream from the track where you can hear drivers and engineers live.

an image of Porsche professional race car driver Riley Dickenson with Kellymoss co-own Victoria Thomas at the race track at a Porsche Carrera Cup race.
An image of Kellymoss Porsche GTD race car Happy Budda on the race track at night
An image of Kellymoss race car driver at Porsche Sprint Challenge driver Jason Golan at the race track
An image of Kellymoss race car driver Dan Sibille on the race track
An image of Kellymoss Porsche Car Club member Scott Nehs and spouse at a race track.
The KLÜB- Membership with dividends paid in experiences you can’t collect anywhere else.

Scott Nehs

KLÜB Member and Kellymoss customer