Launching 10/15/23!

Our exclusive KLÜB digital app is loaded with all things Kellymoss and all things Porsche. It includes our Virtual Design Build Garage, where you can build, customize, and download your very own Porsche dream - a Race car, a Classic, or an Off-road safari!

Welcome to the ultimate
Porsche Car Club Community


Membership Benefits
One in person Event for you and a guest:  Build Reveal/Training Session/Race Watch Event
Race Insider's Pass; LIVE, real-time access to communications with driver, car chief and engineer while we are on track racing
Video Access to past Build Reveal Events and the ability to ask questions to owners on future events
Video Access to past Porsche Trainings and the ability to ask questions to technicians on future training
DRIVEN - our exclusive quarterly curated publication
Exclusive downloadable art quarterly
AutoArt professional photo session
Trackside & behind the scenes videos
Zoom meet and greet sessions with our Pro race car drivers & Elite build clients
Dedicated Member Concierge
SIM Race Events
Member Welcome Kit
Pro Race Car Divers Kay vanBerlo and Jaxon Evans signing autographs for Porsche race fans at Kellymoss race.
Porsche is an
We believe Porsche is more than a high-performing automobile, more than a luxury brand.

Experience live track communication

Think it would be cool to listen in as our race car drivers, engineers and car chiefs communicate while on track - live, no filter, like part of the Kellymoss team?

An Image of Kellymoss Porsche race team on track with GTD race car Happy Budda
Base Membership $189/yr*

Welcome to the KLÜB

Interested in going deep with our elite, inspiring client base? Think NFL football legends, pro race car drivers, industry influencers, and business moguls. Hearing their stories firsthand and learning about their car builds? We offer LIVE Zoom sessions with drivers, special guests, and VIP clients.

kellymoss race car on track Porsche Carrera Cup championship leader Riley Dickinson
Kellymoss race team preparing a gentleman driver to get into his Porsche race car
Members of a Porsche car club gathering at a Porsche build reveal event at Kellymoss facility
Image of the Porsche 992 race cars being prepped for track at the Kellymoss facility in Madison, Wi
Welcome to
the KLÜB
What about access to exclusive professional education, delivering tips and tricks to making the most out of your Porsche investment?

Exclusive quarterly publication

KLÜB members enjoy an exclusive quarterly publication that features on the latest Porsche builds and collector stories.

Custom Porsche build reveal events

Be first to see the latest builds, talk to the owner, and learn about their design inspiration and the custom build journey.

One in-person VIP event for two

Experience the thrill of meeting Porsche's top drivers and builders in person at our specialty events.

Kellymoss Virtual Design Build Garage

A blow-your-mind, online custom Porsche dream car builder is in the works for all the KLÜB members to enjoy.

Base Membership $189/yr*

Ready to fully experience the Porsche lifestyle as an insider with the KLÜB?

A Kellymoss Porsche race car on track
A photo of the racking where Kellymoss stores their race cars at their facility in Madison WI
A member of the Porsche car club enjoying learning about the inner workings of Kellymoss
A Porsche car being prepared at the Madison headquarters of Kellymoss.

Looking to take your Porsche passion to the next level?
Upgrade to EDGE.

Designed for true Porsche enthusiasts, get exclusive access to high-performance events, build reveals, expert-guided classes, and even a chance to get behind the wheel of a pro racing SIM. It's the perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of Porsche racing and take your love of these incredible machines to the next level.

A Porsche car club member posing with her Porsche in nature
Being able to visit the shop and see behind the scenes is a Porsche lover's dream. And the member publication is unique in the car world - full of front line Porsche racing news, custom builds & great interviews.

Daria Chernysheva

KLÜB Member and Kellymoss customer