Kelly Moss: 35 Year Legacy to Continue Under New Ownership

Kelly Moss is happy to announce an exciting change of ownership. The dynamic husband and wife team of Andy Kilcoyne and Victoria Thomas have purchased the ownership of Kelly Moss Road and Race from Founder and longtime leader Jeff Stone. The team has had a gentle transition via joint ownership since 2020 and a seamless transition is anticipated with Kelly Moss remaining the Championship winning racing powerhouse and Porsche project builder. Kelly Moss will carry on the same focus, maintaining delighted clients through innovation, just as it has for the past 35 years.

Thomas joined the team in 2011 bringing CFO skills, providing fiscal and vision focus. Kilcoyne joined a few years later bringing an engineering background and national racing successes.  Coupled with the rich and successful pedigree created by Jeff Stone, the goal is to continue the upward trajectory.

"We were very grateful that Jeff has allowed us to slowly take over the company in a way that guarantees no transitional gaps, and are honored to be entrusted with the legacy of such an impressive brand," says Thomas.

“Focusing on staffing and culture has been a strategy that has been incredibly rewarding.  The steady growth and team success has been the cornerstone to  giving our clients the very best experience on and off the track,” says Kilcoyne.

Kelly Moss has been racing Porsches since 1988 when brothers Jeff and David Stone took their industry knowledge to the track.

The scrappy team managed to compete with the big dogs and has now become synonymous with not only track success, acquiring national race championships year after year.

From the start the only goal David and I ever had for Kelly Moss was simple: Be the very best in the business and never, ever stop fighting toward that goal and winning. Now we are fighting to win the race to find a cure for childhood cancer with our Racing For Children's program and that is my mission for the future along with the continued growth and success of Kelly Moss.” -Jeff Stone

Racing championships aren’t the only achievements to date, Kelly Moss has explosively expanded into the high quality Porsche build market and has most notably emerged as an industry leader in the safari trend with world wide recognition.

Stone will stay onboard, continuing his role as Founder and Race Brand Ambassador.

The team achieved four Porsche National Championships in 2021 and looks forward to a continuation of their on and off road success.

Message from Jeff:

From the start the only goal David and I ever had for Kelly-Moss was simple, Be the very best in the business and never, ever stop fighting toward that goal and winning. I was very fortunate to have Alwin Springer as a mentor almost from the very beginning and cherish that relationship to this day.

Our formative years were spent in the Firestone Firehawk series where we quickly established ourselves as strong competition. As time went on we were fortunate to have been chosen to to run the factory Porsche program in 1994 and subsequently became the first American team and driver to win the coveted world wide Porsche Cup with a special driver, Price Cobb who would become part of our family and a great friend along with his wife Charissa who has for many years played a huge roll in our success and looking after all our KMR clients, guests and family.

The next chapter was evolving from what started purely as a racing program with a couple of gearheads to sustainability in a business that most of the time makes no sense. We set off on a path to bring what we had done for Porsche and our own racing programs to the general public and other race teams. Once again we were blessed with almost immediate success in the new customer support and racing programs.

After losing my brother David to cancer in 2015 there were some dark days to navigate through as this had always been a family business and we did everything together on and off the track, taking on all with a fire that could not be beaten. When we met Victoria we were trying to figure out how to be better with the numbers side of the business and she has been a blessing and a key member of the team for a long time now. Later her future husband Andy came on and I quickly realized he was a great asset to the team and sort of like a little brother. This was the catalyst we needed for the company to make the next steps forward as we had "family" once again.  

After racing in the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge series in every race from it's inception along the way we met some very special people with a mission that has taken center stage in my heart - Racing For Children's and their work to help bring global awareness and support in the search to find a cure for childhood cancer and blood related disease in kids with 100% all donations going directly to the hospital.

Fast forward 35 years from the start to 2022. My passion for racing, love of the sport and most importantly my commitment to the Racing For Children's program has never been stronger. Passing the ownership torch of Kelly-Moss Road and Race on to Andy and Victoria has been organically in the works for a while now and the time is right for me and my family . I will continue with KMR for years to come moving forward just as I have, to build and grow customer relations, manage the Racing For Children's program and work as a brand ambassador and mentor for KMR. This day begins another new chapter for all of us and we are all committed to making KMR the very best it can be and to give the best service and value to all KMR clients every day.

My respect, appreciation and admiration to every single member in the Kelly-Moss Family, all employees and their families, clients, sponsors, motorsports partners and friends is immeasurable and I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. Now we look to the future and it is bright.

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